DreamFields Heads to the White House

Today we learned that a Mount Vernon migrant student (one of us!) will be flying to Washington DC this coming week to attend the National DREAM Act Graduation on Tuesday (if you’ve read the book, you’ve met Rosa – it’s her 19-year old sister). This yearly symbolic event is attended by Dreamers and their supporters from all over the country. Can you imagine how historical this year’s event will be after Obama’s recent announcement? It’s hard to believe that one of us will be there to witness it. Not only that, but she will be carrying DreamFields with her and presenting our book personally to Washington Congressmen and Senators (Cantwell, Murray, Larsen, McDermott). She will even be giving a copy of the book to an organization with direct access to President Obama!!! We’ve dreamed of putting our book in the hands of important decision-makers, and that dream is about to come true. Huge thanks to Rev. Jo Beecher who had the dream of attending this event, and then expanded her vision to include one of us and our book! Thank you also to members of the community who are helping to pay for the trip. See “Ways to Help” above if you would also like to help. Stay tuned here for pictures!

More information on Obama’s recent directive:


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