Reel Grrls 2013

Reel Grrls 2013

Reel Grrls 2013

We have been so busy this year that we have neglected to update you on what we’ve been doing. We will add a few posts with the highlights.

In June of this year, six middle school students spent a week in Seattle with Reel Grrls learning how to make movies. This was our third year in a row participating in Reel Grrls’ Teen Video Camp. We traveled by train, stayed with host families, and explored the city. We got to know many girls from Seattle and, overall, had an amazing time.  You can see the two movies we produced about bullying using the links below. Our movies have been used at our middle schools this year to teach students about alternatives to bullying.

Thanks to Reel Grrls for their continued support of our participation in this program. We hope we can send another group of girls this summer!

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  1. Bravo Reel Grrls you have addressed a subject that needs to be talked about since everyone has a right to a safe learning environment at school and prefers acceptance instead of “bullying”. Good work.


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