Book Excerpts

“We were about twelve or more people in the car. When it stopped, everyone was in a hurry and they were whispering and throwing their bags of food over a fence and climbing the fence to get on the other side. My dad was carrying my little brother. I felt like we were doing something wrong but I had to go with my dad.” Veronica. 14 years old.

“I’m sitting on my bed with my three brothers, my mom making food, my little sister crying for her bottle, my sister screaming. I can’t concentrate. I go get a drink and when I come back my brother tells me to move because he’s going to work out. I go to the living room, on the couch my sister and brother are watching Sponge Bob, running around the house going outside then coming back, my mom yelling at them, if you’re going to stay in the house stay, if you’re not then get out. I CAN’T THINK NO MORE.” Roberto. 13 years old.

“I didn’t know I’d end up like this. My life has been really difficult since I finished elementary school. My dream was to go to middle school then to high school, but I let my dream go. I never made it to middle school.” Elizabeth. 17 years old.

“We’re brown, we work in the fields, pick your food, and I’m proud to say it, without us here the food that you eat wouldn’t be created, we’re not asking for an apology, or for humiliation, we’re just asking for peace for this future generation.” Yesica. 15 years old.

“The people in the government do not want to give us papers, they do not want us to reach for the stars. Is it because they do not want kids to have dreams? Or is it because they do not know how it feels to work day and night under the burning sun with its rays making us weak and tired? Above all I think it is because they do not know the pain and suffering a kid might feel when he wakes up to the loud noises of knocking and of men arresting his parents…” Frank. 16 years old.

“At the age of ten or eleven my dad died of cancer and my life changed. Since then I’ve been getting into a lot of trouble both in and out of school. I have made my mom and other family members cry because of my mistakes and now I’m in deep trouble with the law. I messed up in school and now I have to pay the consequences. I’m scared I could end up in prison.” Nico. 14 years old.

“People who have papers get to work, but the ones who don’t have papers have to work in the fields. Even if I have the skills to work for someone, I can’t because I wasn’t born here, so I don’t have the right. How come some people get the right and others don’t? We’re all human. People have to understand that just because some have rights and some don’t, we’re still people. We are all the same. We are all human.” Veronica and Carolina. 13 and 14 years old.

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  1. whoever wrote this story is wonderful and i love this book and it made me cry 🙂


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