Photo Gallery 1

La Raza del Noroeste – November 2011

Our documentary was shown to 250 migrant students at Western Washington University’s Winter Migrant Leadership Conference – December 2011

Our documentary was selected as one of the best films made at Reel Grrls during the academic year ’10-’11 and was included in their Summer Showcase Film Festival – June 2011

Our documentary was selected to be shown at the Young People’s Film Festival in Portland, OR. We were awarded the “Heart Award” for films that show heart – November 2011

Skagit Valley Herald Article – April 2012

We were invited to present at the National Migrant Conference in Portland, OR. While there, we sold over 140 books, signed autographs, and had our picture taken a lot – May 2012

Our documentary was shown at the welcoming address of the 2012 Washington Association of Bilingual Educators Conference in Tacoma, WA. We presented at the conference and sold more books – May 2012

We were invited to present, show our documentary, and sell books at the monthly Skagit Valley Latino Community Resource Team Meeting – May 2012

We were invited to help train volunteers  at Tierra Nueva’s Volunteer Advocacy Training in Burlington, WA – June 2012

Signing autographs at the monthly Latino Advisory Council Meeting in Mount Vernon, where we showed our documentary and talked about our book. The books we are signing were gifts for the Board of Directors of the local social service agency, Community Action. The Board members include the mayor of Mount Vernon, the county council members, as well as many other influential people in our community – June 2012

Migrant Leaders Club members Mayra (featured in DreamFields) and Regi won Migrant/Bilingual Student of the Year Awards for the Mount Vernon Middle Schools. Felicidades! – June 2012 

We spoke at a press conference about Obama’s recent immigration directive – June 2012

Skagit Valley Herald Article – June 2012

Middle School Migrant Leaders Club – June 2012

Reels Grrls Teen Video Camp in Seattle – June 2012

DreamFields Goes to WA DC – at the airport – June 2012

One of our Mount Vernon migrant graduates represented Washington State at the DREAM Graduation ceremony in Washington DC – June 2012

The diploma she received at the graduation ceremony.

The completion of our biggest goal – DreamFields being delivered to Obama via his staff.

Maria Cantwell with her copy of DreamFields.

DreamFields being delivered to Luis Gutierrez’s office.

Rick Larson couldn’t wait to read his copy.

Skagit Valley Herald article – October 2012

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